Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snow Canyon Sliderzz Do It Again

Over Spring Break Rocky Mountain Baseball holds one of it's biggest tournaments of the year, the March Madness Tourney, right here is St. George. There were 35 teams in our age group from Utah and Nevada, and the Sliderzz were one of those teams in the 9u age division. To sum it up, the boys played great baseball all weekend long, leading them to another championship title.

After pitching 5 innings combined in the quarter finals and semi finals, earlier in the day, Ky had to come in the very last inning of the Championship game when Logan went down with a hurt arm. We were winning by two at the time, but we had to hold the Devils to secure the victory. Although I was super nervous, it seems that Ky kinda thrives on pressure situations and he stepped on the mound confident and ready to throw. Three ground outs later, and no runs scored, the Sliderzz did it again! They were the Champions of the March Madness Tournament. It was so awesome.

Here is what Lainee had to say about the day...
Saturday came, we beat the Edge in the first game and then moved on to play the Marshals. The Marshals jumped up on us quick scoring 6 in the first inning. The boys looked deflated, Gavin and Shane gave them the big pep talk as they were coming off the field. They picked it up and ended up beating the Marshals 14 to 8. Then it was time for the Championship game. Wow there was electricity in the air. Lots of people watching and the boys were pumped to win. It was a tough battle back and forth. In the bottom of the 7th we were up by two. Three outs and we win! Our closer Logan was on the mound, he had pitched great throughout the day and everyone was getting excited because we were so close. Right off the bat he had the batter in a hole with two strikes, then the next thing I knew he was hurt. He grabbed his arm and said there was a burning feeling in it. Everyone was sick. 

After evaluating the situation, the coaches put in Kyler to finish the game. Ky did awesome, he looked so confident out there on the mound. The Sliderzz got three outs and won the tournament! It was a beautiful victory.


Cindy said...

Great pictures of Ky and the team. The Sliderzz did play great ball. So fun! Kyler did a great job closing up the championship game. Congrats on your 1st Place! Really enjoyed watching Ky and the team. Newspaper article was good even with the errors. We can just start calling you Nicole, Natalie.

Lainee said...

I love the picture of the boys on the mound! You take the best pictures. It was a great weekend! I am feeling pretty special to be quoted on your blog! Ky played really great.