Tuesday, March 15, 2011


You gotta love Kenzlie's eyes closed smile. Yeah, she does it all the time. Nice. 
Poor Karsten goes and goes until he hits empty. This is how we found him after a long day of playing hard and Kyler teaching him to ride his dirt bike without training wheels.
Good night little buddy!
The other night we were sitting down eating dinner and Kambrie was telling everyone a story about something that happened at school. All the sudden Kenz says in her cute, little voice, "Seriously?" It was so funny and everyone started laughing. It was just darling to hear her little girl voice say something so grown up.


Cindy said...

So funny about Kenzlie. Too cute! The smile is too funny. How cute is Karsten asleep. Sweet pictures...special memories.

cjaster said...

just thinking about ya & thought I'd check your blog. You guys don't ever stop! What sweet kids you have. Little Kallie sounds perfect! They have a wonderful mother, that's for sure. You are so positive & excited about all that they are doing.