Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Too Big, Too Fast

This little girl is going to be 11 months old tomorrow, and I'm feeling a little sad about it. Why do the days go by so quickly. It's sad for me to think that before long we won't have a baby around the house anymore. After all these years of babies... Oh well, I guess it's on to new things.

Kallie is such a little doll. I love this girl to pieces. She has started saying her version of words. She says "hi dad" to her daddy when her calls us on the phone. She also tries to say the kids' names. It's so cute how she gets excited when they will come home from school. When she hears the door open, she knows that someone is home and she can't wait to see who walks around the corner.

Although Kallie isn't walking yet, she has mastered crawling and when she is on the tile, won't touch her knees to the floor because it hurts. She is trying to get all four of her top teeth, and I hope they come in soon so she doesn't have to suffer the pain too much longer! Any day now...

We love our baby girl so much!


Cindy said...

Kallie is such a beautiful baby. Hard to believe she will soon be one. She is such a sweet little girl. She always acts excited to see me and is that way with everyone. What a cutie! She has the brightess smile. Her eyes are so bright and happy they make me smile. Love you sweet Kallie B....Grandma Cindy

The Christensen Clan said...

ants she is beautiful!!! Can you believe our babies are one??? It is crazy to think isn't it? Loved your Christmas card and Love you...hope you had an amazing Christmas!!!