Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lil' Red

After almost three weeks in a splint, when the swelling finally went down on Kenzlie's broken arm, Dr. Chamberlain decided she needed a cast. When they were all out of pink and purple casting material, we decided to go for red, since after all, Kenz is Lil' Red, her nickname coined by Grandpa Nev. Two weeks down in the cast, and two more weeks to go. Luckily, Kenzlie hasn't really been bothered much by her cast, and since it's waterproof, I haven't either.

Kambrie started choir at her school this week. She seems excited about it. I'm glad she wanted to do it since she hasn't wanted to do anything else.

Kolter and Karsten started a neighborhood soccer program this week-their first time playing soccer. They both like it, pretty much anyway. Kolter was a little mad because he thinks Karsten is better than he is. Poor Kolt is always so hard on himself and never gives himself credit for anything. When he was supposed to turn in his homework for the first time this year, he told his teacher he forgot it because he knew his self written sentence wasn't perfect.

Kyler had his first football game yesterday. They played Moapa Valley and domintaed them. All these years later it still feels good when Moapa gets beat since they were one of our biggest rivals at White Pine High. Kinda funny.


Cindy said...

What a cutie pie! This girl makes you smile. She always has such a big happy smile. I love that your dad nick named her Lil Red. I remember hearing him call her that. It's so cute. That's kind of interesting that they were out of pink & purple and she ended up with red.

Lainee said...

Love "Lil Red's" shoes. Totally something Addie would do... I am glad it isn't bothering her. She is a doll.

elvin said...

children are very cute, I love it, I wait for your presence on my blog