Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kallie B, Kallie B, You are So Pretty

Kallie B, Kallie B, you are so pretty. Kallie B, Kallie B, you're looking at me. Kallie B, Kallie B whatcha doin to me. Kallie B, Kallie B, you love the kitty. Kallie B, Kallie B, we love you so much. Kallie B, Kallie B. Kallie B!

These are the words to the little song that Dad made up for his little Kallie B. Every time he sings it to her she smiles so big, kicks her legs and gets so happy. It's become a family favorite around our house, and not a day goes by that somebody doesn't sing it to her, at least five or ten times :)

Our precious Kallie has hit the big six month mark and oh how we love this girl. Kallie is such a sweet little baby and it is a joy to have her as part of our family. At six months old she:
*can sit up
*says "mom mom mama"
*sucks her fingers a lot (it was hard to get a picture without her fingers in her mouth)
*takes two naps a day
*lays down in her crib at naptime and bedtime, gets 3 kisses, and falls asleep on her own (most of the time)
*eats rice cereal and a few fruits and veggies without ever making a fuss
*still nurses
*doesn't cry much
*has crystal blue eyes
*has light brown, strawberry blonde hair
*smiles so big when she sees herself in the mirror
*is loved by all


Cindy said...

So darling!!! The song is so sweet.How special to have everyone singing it to her. Beautiful pictures. What a long list of positives this little girl has. What a precious girl! So happy for you all and me too. Grandma's love to hear good things about their grandchildren... #11 sent from heaven!

Jane said...

Oh she is so darling! And those eyes!!! We are talking about st g in October for a week so I hope we can get together. I'll keep you posted.

Aggie Martinez said...

Absolutely beautiful baby!!!